Heyyy Partner,

***Deep sigh***

So many emotions are rushing to the forefront of my mind right now, that I had to pause before sharing my heart in the next few lines. This was definitely an amazing year! And not because every dream was realized, or that I won a mega million-dollar lottery (although both would be nice) 🙂

But in looking back from January to now, something more precious was at work. You see, while life had its course, goals were set, and moments of joy, sadness, frustration and fear rotated like the four seasons (winter, spring, summer & fall) one thing continued on…and that was “Productivity.”

It is so easy to stop and quit, because you do have that right. But this year we pushed through, speaking positivity and life when negative dead things appeared to dominate. Despite the many times we had to pull away or take a break and pause, we always eventually got back on track, and persevered.

Moving on and forward is a choice that can be very humbling at times; Often requiring the inner strength of self-love and commitment from the soul and bypassing the reactional emotions of the moment.

You deserve support and encouragement during the course of your journey…wherever and whenever possible. Negativity always seem to have an audience on standby, so why not embrace Positivity all the more?

Stay committed to your desires and future. Never settle until you have seen the fruit of your labour.

Congratulations to you on making it to the end of another year.

We Did It Partner!


Motivational Partner who is optimistic about helping others fulfill everything that they were born to do. - Ace It

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