Heyyy Partner,

Well…it’s no secret that I fell behind with staying in touch with everyone because of personal projects and self care (which is a must for everyone by the way). But in the process of scrolling through, up and down various social media outlets I couldn’t help but notice reoccurring trends and phrases. Now because social media is engineered in such a way where popular hashtags are tied to the “latest” happenings, it’s common for people to go with the flow and follow suit to get their post noticed.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that a marketing strategy of some sort is needed especially if you are trying to put yourself out there and reach a broader audience. However, this thought came to me a few moments ago and I had to pause and reflect internally. What do you do when what you have been using is no longer trending?  Or What do you do in the interim? After you power up,” “level up and secure the bag do you stop there? – again, just a thought.

The goals and plans that you had set out to achieve this year are not temporary trophy markers but a part of your dream puzzle where every piece matter. And as pictures begin to take shape and each shape completes a scene – continue to build and fortify it. Make no mistake about it! You have done a lot, whether it looks like it or not. Remember, time cannot be seen, but everything in life operates on it.

Proud of your Accomplishments Partner!


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