Heyyy Partner,

You know for some reason; this time of year always seem to have somewhat of a double edged sword effect for many. Thanksgiving season is designed to bring people together to express gratitude in one way or another whether its though food, fun (shopping) or even football. On the flip side though, individuals with no family or anyone to share this season with, may face a sad reality that could possibly trigger depression and isolation. Sadly, with the Christmas holiday following right behind, the feelings of loneliness only increase.

Living in a world and time where wanting to be noticed and seen appears to be the norm, and sharing your diarized life with the world via social media is expected, I can now understand why some may struggle with these feelings. But no two people in this world are alike in every way. Our differences make us unique. And whether you are recognized or celebrated by hundreds or just by yourself, you are still valued! Why? Because you are alive. So, let me stop right here, right now, and take this time to say that

I celebrate you because you are a fellow human being, with a heart and soul. I am grateful that your life graced this earth; And the fact that you are reading every word being said to you in this moment, is proof that your life not only matters – but it is filled with purpose and it has worth.

I celebrate this season with you.

Love and gratitude♥…your partner!



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