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Sooo…its official **sigh** winter is here and outside my window is about 2 inches of snow with more falling down steadily from the sky. Honestly, I know that it is probably about that time of year for it, but somehow it just feels as if the Fall season was abruptly shoved out of the way without any notice – basically bullied by Winter.

***Sidenote: I don’t like bullies***

Anyway, I could not help but notice how much inconvenience was caused by the sudden weather change in my city. For one, most if not many of the motorists on the road did not have their winter tires on. Unfortunately, this was a major red flag that not only caused traffic delays, but it increased the risk for dangerous accidents. Have you ever been in a situation where there was an unexpected shift that you were not prepared for? What did you do? Or Did you do anything at all?

Personally speaking, I have had many scenarios like this in my life. Truth be told, not only was I not prepared, but in some instances, I did not even have a plan. What did I do? Well, sometimes I just downright freaked out and panicked. But then shortly after getting over any initial shock and frustration, I pulled myself together and made up in my mind do whatever I could to get through.

There will be times when circumstances around you are out of your control – and that should be expected! But it is during that moment where one has to peel through their outer layer of emotions and reach into their core and choose to focus and get through.

Making a conscience decision does not require an external audience.

Push through, do the best you can, ride it out until you arrive to your destination.

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