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There is a popular saying that goes “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” and you know what? I’ve always questioned the practicality of it. Like, if it really means that one should just be more “aware” of your enemies than your friends, then I kind of get it.

In nature, many creatures are aware of their surroundings in order to assess threats or opportunities. Life is about survival, and as human beings we do have that instinct. But can the constant changes of challenging circumstances, setbacks, injustice, loss and pain create a ‘wear and tear’ effect on your character or who you are? Depending on the person, the answer may very well be a yes! Devastation can drastically alter the course of one’s life. While it may be an “immediate” shock to absorb for most if not everyone, the aftermath is perhaps most critical.

We all process things differently, and it is a serious thing when your core is altered. From personal experience, I now know that such experiences are designed to gradually drain your fuel of hope, sabotage your destiny and embed a false bias that negatively shapes your view moving forward. However, this does not have to be your reality, not now and not ever.

Deep inside, you have the right and the power to choose. Take control of your narrative – your story, at your own pace, adjusted by you for you.

Still here with you – Let’s Partner Up!


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