[Throwback post taken from HRPassionista.com 2015]

Heyyy Partner!

Every now and again you may reach an impasse when trying to advance negotiations for your cause. While both parties may appear to have presented their bottom line final offer, upon closer examination you may discover a hidden external compartment that can provide you with an edge.”

I will never forget these words spoken to me at such a juncture in my personal life: “You are a fresh and talented mind…I am confident in your abilities…I will work with you… we can make it happen! At that very moment it was as if a warm ray of sunshine suddenly poured inside, reinforcing an inner quality thought to have been retired indefinitely; and the ability to pursue and engage without reservation became a viable reality.
Truth is, without any support system {internal or external} life expectancy will diminish, goals will eventually become fuitionless, and efforts to move forward will be impeded by thought paralysis. Consequently, the end result may not be a successful one.

All of the elements within your environment do not have the potential to add value. Therefore, it is critical for you to quickly identify and connect to those that do.

One person, one place, one thing or one concept can help to propel you to a greater purpose and cause you to tap into your reservoir.

(Thank you Dr. Holly)

℘Passion On & Let’s Partner Up!


Motivational Partner who is optimistic about helping others fulfill everything that they were born to do. - Ace It

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