[Throwback post taken from HRPassionista.com February 2016]

Heyyy Partner,

*Deep Sigh*…Could not believe how much time had passed since sharing on this blog. As expected, the circle of life held true to its course bringing life, death, losses, and gains. Despite being in total hibernation the entire time, it became increasingly clear that remaining there even out of season, would not yield me the protection that I sought, but rather it started to deplete the reserve I thought I had gained.

While everyone’s path may have alternative or completely different routes due to their various destinations, at some point all will experience the change of seasons. Delaying such an inevitable change may bring a sense of security, comfort and relief for those seeking to maximize the moment. However, your “will” to command control over the environment will only short circuit your energy supply, creating imbalance.

You see, just as every season has an effect, be it good, bad or in between…its purpose ironically brings about balance.

I believe the same principle to be applicable in circumstances regarding personal relationships as well as during the course of one’s career.

In taking a second look from this “not so popular” designer original framed view, my vision had to come into alignment and provide the support needed to help navigate my steps.

When you decide to approach each season that you walk into with the understanding that some things only require short term storage, your overall capacity will increase.

Just remember to offload when coming towards the end and move on.

℘ Passion On & Let’s Partner Up!


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