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Considering that this year’s winter seemed to have been an unusually heavy one in many places around the world, it’s so refreshing to see another season usher in. The subtle warmth of the sun is starting to increase and a new life cycle begins. Having just celebrated another year of life (and still celebrating 🙂 ) I always take a moment to reflect of what is happening in my life and how I’m moving forward.

I realized that the second quarter is normally when nature begins to awaken and bloom, a few animals prepare to come out of hibernation, and some of us start to feel the unwelcoming effects of allergy season.

But despite any discomfort spring may bring, it does not negate the fact that beautiful things are about to blossom. This is the season!

From the beginning of the year up to now, you have been planning, writing down and mapping out your goals you desire to achieve. We focused on reminding you to make sure that you have a solid foundation both internally and externally so that you are fortified for the journey ahead. Listen! You are just getting started.

Did you also know that this is the season where we prepare to get wet? That’s right! So, make up your mind from now, to soak up everything vitally important to developing your project, your dream or your goal. Time to “Drench not Quench.” Remember, healthy results begin with staying hydrated. After all, nothing grows in a dry state.

Until my next post, I’ll be here taking in the sunshine and the rain.

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