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You know, sometimes it can be hard when taking in a plethora of things that may be going on at one time; especially when each carries a significant amount of weight. One may feel as if its remedy may be in practicing the art of balance. Another may look at it as an issue of capacity. For me, I found it very important to stop and take the time to determine which one of these thoughts best described my current position because I didn’t just need a “real” solution, but the “right” solution.
Often times people are misunderstood when nothing can be heard. Their silence is automatically seen as some form of avoidance, weakness, anger or sign of distress. Not always the case!

Life teaches us that things are synchronized with time.

Every and anything living also moves and shifts. It is sometimes in the midst of this transition that silence is required and not optional. For the most part, it is a good thing when the realization of your transition is seen rather than heard. Although it may still be delicate and sensitive, at least the most critical part would be over.
After determining that my capacity was limited, I immediately got rid of any potential “back-up” solutions geared towards “balancing” what I already had.
Honestly…..it is futile to try to manage something that should be eliminated. Even if your housing is built to expand and stretch, underestimating the pressure from the weight of anything you’re about to take on, can cause everything to pop and break rather than hold up [lessons from a rubber band].
So in my case, silence gave consent to filter out distraction, find truth and face reality.
When was the last time you had a moment of silence for yourself? Maybe its about time that you stop whatever you doing and consider being still.
Let silence validate your next step in moving forward.
Still here with you – So Let’s Partner Up!

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