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This past week seemed to have been one big emotional roller coaster ride for me personally – and not in a good way. Of course, I made the decision to pull away and stop for a minute to process things; and you know what? I think it was the best decision given the circumstances. Unfortunately though, it also meant not blogging for a week, so I have to make it up to you all okay!

Life moments can sporadically impact your balance and cause an unexpected shift. There are just some things that one can never really prepare enough for. One thing that became clear to me was that “curveballs” are truly designed to put such a spin on things that it can cause you to deviate from hitting your “target” (goal) head on. In essence it’s really a well-crafted, packaged form of distraction. While it may manage to slow you down or push to stop you altogether, pause and ask yourself “Is this even relevant?”

Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying or feel that I am suggesting that you minimize the impact of any unfortunate or damaging circumstances and situations you may encounter. I get it. TRUST ME!

But when the dust settles, the heavy rain stops, the dark clouds dissipate, and the loud clamoring thunder subsides to a whisper, know that your life will continue to go on.

Recognize that people will come and go. Non-factors will fall off the scene. There is a time and season for everything, and both the good and the bad do come to an end.  

So you may be wondering “what now then?” and to be honest I can’t tell you what to do.  But I will say this:

The painful sting of hurt, loss, rejection, embarrassment, victimization or shame does have expiration.

The fact that your setbacks do not have an infinite shelf life already guarantees that you will make it to your final destination.  Stay positive, be strong, and pause if you need to but rest in knowing your success is imminent.

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