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Have you ever had one of those days where you thought and said to yourself “What is the point?”  I’m talking about being at your whit’s end with trying to break through to the other side away from disappointment, pain, rejection or a dry empty place in your life. Despite genuine effort on your part for countless days, weeks, months and maybe years, progression seemed to have come to a complete standstill for you. Yet, you could clearly see the wheel continuing to turn for other people within your reach.

Well, for me I have had many days like this and to be completely honest some of those days I did not think I would make it. Quite frankly, I took it personal; so much so that I had equated stagnancy to defeat. With that kind of mindset, I had already set the stage to see myself at a “lower value,” maybe even flawed or marked to be at the bottom. After all, everyone can’t be a winner. Right?

But where I went wrong, was in misinterpreting a “pause or delay” for a “final stop.” Almost immediately, my dislike for the circumstances I was facing, had contaminated my personal feelings about myself. Sadly, “Inner confidence” turned into self- blaming and hate.

Conflict should never alter your view of who you are.

Your greatest ally is not an impostor or a fraud because only the real “you” knows who you are. However, you must be true to yourself, willing to be naked and lovingly embrace who you were made to be in your raw unfinished form. I once heard someone say that “failure is an event, not a person” (Zig Ziglar), and I agree 1000%.

You may not understand the role of silence nor appreciate its value, but the reason it is most powerful is because it cannot be heard.

This week, commit to loving “You” as you are – your success depends on it.

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