……Thanks to my amazing Mother for reminding me about this poem I wrote years ago ♥ Enjoy

Encouraging yourself with a pat on the back
Walking tall and proud though all around is masked in shame
Looking ahead to a brighter light
Scrambling together all the pieces of this puzzle called life

Starting over?
Yes, for every time you fall
“Continuing I say!”
For one never loses.

The act of failure births challenge into existence
Hope, for faith, is its child, and this can never die
Unless………….the mind has concluded to give up

But hope, too, is needed to feed such a bleak resolution
For one can only fail, “Should they hope to”

Therefore, failure is success in disguise
It’s survival depends on the essence of triumph.
As for success, it’s constant results from failure at its best

For both are not warring against each other
But rather co-dependent siblings;
Two facets of one.

– J.Miranda


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