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Sometimes it can take a lot to make up your mind and move forward to work on plans or personal ideas.  I applaud all of you (yes YOU) for positioning yourself at the starting line, ready to go and move forward; And for those not there yet, listen! it’s not too late. C’mon!

You know, part of preparing for your “success venture” should include having a base line idea of what you want to achieve.  The common challenge for many however, is not knowing how or what strategic steps to take initially. Often times some of us may research to see what worked for others on their journey or even seek help from veterans living it out loud. This can be seen as a “work smart not hard” technique, and in reality, I have seen it work well in many instances.

Truth is, you have to be willing to tailor the information specifically to your goal – like tweak it and use what fits.

Remember, you are unique as an individual, from the shade of blue that you may like to the time of day that you feel most energized. There is a popular saying that goes – “everything is not for everyone,” and this may be true. So, my adaptation of this would then be “everything –as is– is not for everyone.”  🙂  See! The point is to make whatever you do, work for you.

Why not spend some time this first week of February gathering together your game plan (moves). Try to come up with your best and worst-case scenarios and write down possible alternatives for how you can execute your next steps. I’m going to write mine and share some of what I come up with in one of the following blogs ok? We can do this!

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