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This past week I had a major “reality check” moment. A personal project that I had been working on for a while (8 months to be exact), seemed to have come to a standstill. Immediately I became frustrated, angry and pissed off because there was no visible reason why it should have stopped – absolutely none. After all, I made a list and checked it twice (like 4 dozen times), so ‘I did my part’ clearly…or so I thought.

Well, after having a final conversation in my mind over the situation, the choice was clear…”just give up because once again, it was not meant to be; maybe for someone else, but not you.” And honestly, I started to accept that belief, and became numb emotionally to any possible chance of things becoming different.

Sidebar: You see, one’s ability to think reasonably can become impaired; especially after being told so many times that “you’re good, but maybe not for what is needed right now” or for every setback, rejection or failure you’ve experienced, no real explanation for why’ is made visible – yet you tried your best.

Shortly after “sucking up” my would-be loss, I started to think about my next move. All of a sudden, a simple thought came to mind regarding the previous project. Instead of automatically dismissing it (which I felt I had every right to do) I entertained it, chalking it up to me getting “closure.” Five minutes into reviewing some of the information from my old plan, my heart became full, and tears filled my eyes, because I was seeing something that I had NEVER seen before. #RealTalk  

At that moment, not only did the reason for my project’s standstill become clear, but the solution was right before my eyes!

Now before you judge me please hear me out…

I don’t claim to know it all or consider myself an expert in a lot of things. But one thing I’ve always took pride in doing, was making sure that I did things correct and thoroughly–no short cuts.  In this case though? I missed it! And my take away from this was a lesson in humility.

There may be times when you miss it – whether it’s a deadline, a meeting/appointment, a goal, a connection, or an important moment. And you may or may not be at fault for ‘why.’ Regardless, does it mean that all is lost? Should you automatically write it off and conclude ‘that’s it?’

As you set out to work towards your goals, don’t make the same mistake that I did and allow your past outcomes to impair your vision and cause you to walk away before time. Pause if you need to – I’ll still be here for you. But let’s get back on it! Together, you will get there!

Lets’ Partner Up!


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