Hello Partner!

Soooo about 2 weeks ago I was ecstatic to share my heart and enthusiasm with the world about helping others to really achieve their best through accountability right?
Then it dawned on me that I didn’t give you all of the information I had jotted down separately, so please forgive me (kinda like running outside to your car to hurry up and leave, only to find out you left your car keys in the house….lol).


Much love and encouragement to all of my CB (Cyber-Blog) family! – Heyyyy  #shoutout
And thanks to everyone who kept me accountable (from my typos to all of the feedback). Please know that everything helps me to be the best person that I can be, and a grrrreat accountability partner. Notice I did not say leader: hint hint.
We are in this together. No big “Eyes” or little “Use” here (spelling intentionally used).

But yes, I wanted to share a great article I had read by Leigh Stringer on Quiet Revolution (quietrev.com) Forget Mentors, Find an Accountability Partner

In a nutshell, she shared some wonderful nuggets and thoughts about accountability partnerships and why they are so beneficial. For example, they are flexible.
And hey!..lets be honest. In the kind of environment and world we live in today, flexibility is a necessity.

Citing some research to support her points, Stringer applies things in the context of how companies and their employees can become more productive financially, and increase overall performance with accountability partnerships in place. And I absolutely agree.

On a personal note, there is nothing more fulfilling to me than helping others to reach their heart goals, and in turn complete my own in humility – I genuinely love helping others, especially those considered least.

There is strength in numbers. But on the other hand, not every number is committed to helping you succeed.

This is why I created the “Accountability Partnership” blog.
Comrades are great! But can they be your friend beyond convenience and walk with you to the finish line? Stops included?

Chime in and share your thoughts will you?

Let’s Partner up!


Motivational Partner who is optimistic about helping others fulfill everything that they were born to do. - Ace It

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