Heyyy Partner!

I can not believe January 2018 is about to end. Time really seems to be going by quickly (at least for me).

And to be honest, I think I will embrace it as a “good thing.” 🙂

You know, in the past, time was always a challenge in one way or another. Either there was never enough of it or it was going by too slow. There was always a level of uncertainty, and that caused me to me doubt a lot of things, even myself sometimes.

Reality is: we all know that we cannot control ‘father time.’ BUT we can do our best to work with time or use a little creativity to make time work for us – or for our benefit.

A major part of accountability, to me, is being able to manage time effectively and to one’s advantage when necessary. In other words, hold me to what I said I will do or need to do, when I promised to do it or when it is due.  A lot of times this becomes an issue when there is some form of doubt, like I mentioned earlier in the example with me.

Doubt can sometimes hit your confidence real hard! But you can counter it with the truth of who YOU are – your heart.

Listen. I understand that there are many, many things and factors that might be at play in your life. But can you do this one thing for me?

Take a moment and think about all that’s good about you (YES! I said about You and not what may or may not be working for you right now). Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and breathe in and exhale out.

Now open your eyes.

My point: As long as you continue to breathe, life will flow out of you. Where there is life, there is fresh opportunity for things to blossom and grow. Death only resides  where there is no life.

Breathe. Your time to succeed is NOW! And you will master your time to the best of your ability, efficiently and effectively.

Lets Partner Up!


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