Welcome to the beginning of a beautiful partnership. This is going to be sooooo exciting! Can you tell?

Ok. ..maybe not. But hey, I am really super thrilled for this opportunity #smilingbrightly

Well, I know its early, and after all we have to get to know each other right?  But first I have a question for you:

“What happens when you begin to dislike what you do? At what point do you decide to pursue your heart?”

“Why not choose to do what you love, and not just like what you do.”

(Taken from HRPassionista.com – Do what you love)

To be completely honest and transparent this question is one that I have had to answer quite a few times myself while looking in the mirror. The interesting thing is that although I had often spent my time posing these questions to friends and colleagues, and even helped them navigate to find their answer – I too needed my own reality check.

“Practicing what you speak, preach, teach or believe plays an important part in shaping your character”

This blog is not about self selecting out or pointing fingers……it is a PARTNERSHIP.  Many coaches operate from a hands off perspective, while some are hands on. However, I have come to realize that there are very few “Partners” that will walk with you step by step, sharing not just the victories, but the losses, or even the entire experience.

At the end of the day, win, lose or draw it is my goal to be your partner – and Success is our ultimate goal.

“When association outweighs knowledge
Why continue on?
Because you need a voice
Because it needs to be heard
And while your creative mind and skill may be overlooked for now,
See it as an opportunity for your net worth to gain interest.
After all, you can’t always place a value on unique qualities
If you should ever find that the environment you’re in prefers the convenience of the known
Perhaps its myopic outlook was a gift in disguise,
Granting a rare view into the shallow reality of a system confined to boundaries
So…fortify the dream, aiming towards your goal
It’s not a moving target
Strategy calls for wisdom, and wisdom requires thought
Be your own professional.”

  (From HRPassionista.com – Career Quest)

– Let’s Partner Up!


Motivational Partner who is optimistic about helping others fulfill everything that they were born to do. - Ace It

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